Monitoring Marketing Trends

Monitoring Marketing Trends

Differentiating a brand’s products and services from those of competitors is a primary concern for marketers in any industry. The ability to monitor trends in real-time is an incredibly valuable tool for anticipating changes in the market and remaining at the forefront of competition.

Thanks to CheckBrand whose AI Powered intelligence tool enables to capture of data automatically, and the tracking and analysis of top brands, influencers, and more in India and across the world:

  • 500+ Influencers Analyzed Everyday
  • 5M+ Advanced Reports
  • 95.5% Analysis by AI-Based tools

How we Monitor Marketing Trends

We track & accumulate the latest trends on:

Social Media

Monitoring the latest trends over multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more.


Tracking the latest trends from the huge list of TV and Radio Platforms integrated into the CheckBrand product.

Online News

Monitoring the latest trends over tons of news across various online news channels focusing locally and globally

Print Media

Tracking & monitoring trends over our global, regional, and local print partners, it becomes very easy to monitor the print media


Our AI platform will help you to monitor the latest trends across distinct digital media platforms.

Search Engines

We track & monitor marketing trends through searches across different search engines.

Fake News

Our tool examines false or misleading information presented as news.


Our automation tool tracks pictograms, logograms, or smileys embedded in digital media content.


Our Tool tracks all the latest trending blogs across the web.


Monitor the trending topics, hashtags, and more from various social media platforms.

AI Tools

Our AI Tool tracks hashtags, mentions, and many more and provides real-time data from across the web.


Tracking and monitoring trending & latest videos from distinct video sharing platforms.

Why Monitor Marketing Trends?

Identify New Opportunities
Trends are always changing and no matter what business you do it is somehow possible for the overall reach of your digital brand.
Beat your competitor's
Trend monitoring is an excellent way to always stay ahead of your competitors. It gives you the latest insights into their strategies and how they launch their products, what type of marketing campaigns they’re using, etc.
Scale your operations
Trend monitoring can tell you all about what you need to do to attract new consumers and expand your operations to new boundaries and also helps you identify what is causing you to waste resources and lose customers.
Maximum Impact
Monitoring the market trends helps you to identify the latest trends across the digital media platforms and helps you to reach new territories thus, assists in maximizing growth.
Stay on the Top
To stay on the top of various digital media platforms it is very crucial to monitor marketing trends like hashtags, important keywords, and many more.

CheckBrand is the only platform to track your digital ranking, digital presence, and social media presence along with detailed analytics reports by which you can measure all the parameters of a digital domain.