Sales Intelligence

The term "sales intelligence" refers to a variety of tech solutions that deliver data to B2B salespeople and marketers. It assists sales and marketing teams in finding, analysing, presenting, and using data about their prospective consumers.

Benefits of sales intelligence

Sophisticated and more reliable data

Fresh, up-to-date data are collected by sales intelligence technologies. Your current tech stacks and workflows can be synchronised with this data.

More convenient customer identification

Finding customers who are most likely to be interested in your offering is simple with the help of sales intelligence.

Prospecting that is quicker and more reliable

Sales intelligence allows you to focus on prospects who are ready to buy by preventing you from spending time contacting those who aren't.

Customer purpose is discernible

The products or subjects that prospects are interested in are gleaned from web platforms using sales intelligence systems.

Speeded-up sales cycles

With the aid of sales intelligence, you can quickly reach additional decision-makers and do so at just the right moment to close a deal.

How does CheckBrand’s sales intelligence operate?

Our sales intelligence tool gathers relevant data by continuously crawling millions of publicly accessible websites, matching it to profiles in its database. Platforms that are easy to use let salesmen find, examine, and assess the data. Numerous sales intelligence solutions can be used in conjunction with your CRM or sales acceleration software. It helps you deliver numerous tasks more effectively, such as:

Increasing output

Salespeople can have more sales conversations throughout the day because sales intelligence instantly provides them with the relevant contact information for their prospects and customers.

Improved connectivity

When a prospect is most likely to be interested in what they have to say, salespeople can predict this using sales intelligence. Then, sales intelligence aids them in developing a message that connects with the prospect while they are chatting with them.

Reduced sales cycle length

Sales intelligence uses data to inform the salesperson to that crucial moment when the customer has an intent to buy, saving time that would otherwise be wasted contacting buyers who aren't ready to make a purchase. As a result, there is substantially less time between initial contact and closing the purchase.

Improved customer data

Even after they've signed up with you, sales intelligence makes sure you always have the most recent information about your consumers. When it comes time to renew, this information is crucial.

Finding opportunities for improvement

Sales intelligence produces data on the effectiveness of sales and marketing strategies. This means that business leaders can quickly determine what is or isn’t working, and then experiment with ways to improve future performance.

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