Real Time Alerting

When data is absorbed that a user would be interested in, real-time alerting from CheckBrand sends out active messages. Consider the scenario where you want to be informed right away whenever a politician uses a specific word or phrase. The notifications can be sent out as quickly as the speech transcripts can be added to CheckBrand. CheckBrand can deliver and manage hundreds of millions of alerts per day while managing hundreds of thousands of saved alerting queries.

Key Benefits

Instantaneous Results

You may accurately determine the exact times an event happens, the reporting time, and the resolution time with the aid of real-time alerting. By recognising these moments, organisations may be more proactive with their response strategies and effectively handle reoccurring issues.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Real-time alerting makes it simple to spot patterns and behaviours that lead to decreased system performance and to take the appropriate corrective steps. It expedites the process of solving problems.

Automated Inspection

Agentless real-time alerting can be an efficient technique to record even the smallest facts about the health and capacity tracking of your infrastructure. With little manual work, you can quickly and effectively track how resources are being used throughout the day and uncover new ways to optimise your resource allocations.

Alerts And Notifications Automatically

Real-time alerting can be set up to generate prioritised alerts and set off events, which will help your IT staff manage infrastructure and run a smoother workflow.

Enhancing Forensic Analysis

You can acquire precise event logs and real-time reports before the moment of a security incident or error since real-time alerting can be set up to operate continuously throughout the day. This will enable you to more quickly and accurately determine the root cause and reach the objectives

Real-Time Reaction

Systems in beta testing and development modes benefit from real-time feedback. You can simply optimise your services for better user experience and customer satisfaction by collecting real-time feedback.

Higher Productivity

Employee productivity can increase with real-time monitoring alerting since it relieves employees of unnecessary work that can be assigned to the tool. It can quickly spot unauthorised data transfers and resource usages and send out alerts in time to stop security lapses or risky work procedures.

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