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1 2022 FIFA World Cup 9,405,304 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar 0–2 Ecuador - (21).jpg After a delay, to the chagrin of those who dislike football or call it soccer, the most popular sport in the world is dominating. The group stage of the tournament has had it all, lopsided massacres (England 6-2 Iran, France 4-1 Australia, Spain 7-0 Costa Rica - all three defeated teams won round 2, because this game is unpredictable) hilarious upsets (Saudi Arabia, Japan and Morocco defeating Argentina, Germany and Belgium!), pretty goals, and unfortunately, more boring 0-0 draws than one would ever want.
2 FIFA World Cup 3,960,859
3 Jason David Frank 2,346,767 Green mighty morphin power ranger (14236442995).jpg Tommy Oliver, one of the longest-running members of the Power Rangers, was found dead at just 49. It also marks the fourth time a Red Ranger, who is usually the leader, ended up in something shocking, as the original one was arrested for fraud, another killed his roommate with a katana and a third was convicted for domestic assault before killing himself.
4 Qatar 2,004,830 Dhow with West Bay Skyline (5314688251).jpg Back to the World Cup: the current hosts, filled with oil money but whose national team is clearly not ready for prime time; the next edition, spread all across North America and bloated from 32 to 48 teams; the Portuguese wunderkind who became the first player to score goals in five editions; and the last edition, whose host country is currently banned by FIFA for what they have done to Ukraine.
5 2026 FIFA World Cup 1,920,068 Paris Soccer Iceland Austria 20160622 IE 1.jpg
6 Cristiano Ronaldo 1,773,080 IRNPOR match 2018 FIFA World Cup 07.jpg
7 2018 FIFA World Cup 1,618,719 Stamp of Russia 2017 No 2296 2018 FIFA World Cup mascot.jpg
8 Wednesday (TV series) 1,298,420 Comikaze 2014 - Wednesday Addams (15708183986).jpg Let's celebrate that Jeffrey Dahmer is off this list, and the room for "imbalanced people on Netflix" is filled by a fictional and comedic case, Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega. Christina Ricci, who played the role in the 90s, has a cameo.
9 List of FIFA World Cup finals 1,254,460 France celebrate on the field of Luzhniki after the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final.jpg All bets are on for who will enter the 22nd of those one week before Christmas.
10 Enner Valencia 1,210,321 ECUADOR VS PERU - RUSIA 2018 (37051721495).jpg The leading goalscorer of #1 so far is this Ecuadorian who scored both goals against the hosts (#4) and the one who tied the game with the Netherlands. He also scored thrice in 2014, making an impressive 6 goals in 5 World Cup games!
11 1899 (TV series) 1,202,923 TriangleArrow-Down.svg Netflix's next hit German thriller after Dark, following a group of European migrants on their voyage to New York City, in the same year as the title. A Brazilian artist discovered the show has a few similarities to her comic (but must be something like the French finding Star Wars unintentionally resembling Valérian and Laureline).
12 Lionel Messi 1,183,414 Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini.jpg Argentina's second greatest footballer ever had one hell of a week, as he opened the score for Argentina against Saudi Arabia only to see the underdogs turn around and take the upset, and again scored first against Mexico but this time finishing with the win.
13 Jenna Ortega 1,180,833 Jenna-ortega-facts.webp The star of #8, who has been having a spooky 2022, being murdered in the opening scene of the Foo Fighters horror movie, being almost murdered in the opening scene of Ghostface's latest killing spree, and also appearing in a slasher film that disrupts a porn shoot.
14 Hervé Renard 1,005,918 ACON 2015 CIV ALG (16487072416).jpg After Saudi Arabia (first off the list at #26) went to the locker rooms down 1-0 to Argentina, the French coach gave an impassionate speech asking if they were only in #1 to "take a picture with (#12)" and begging them to play better. It worked. The second game didn't go so well, with Robert Lewandowski's Poland beating them 2-0, so a good result in the third game with Mexico is necessary to qualify.
15 Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 986,631 Okoye cosplayer (29723987478).jpg The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Four ended with both this movie in theaters and the absent The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, which hit Disney+.
16 Timothy Weah 974,719 RC Lens - Lille OSC (17-09-2021) 27.jpg The hopes at #1 for the biggest country who calls the sport "soccer" is this striker, son of an African legend (#21), who already gave the USMNST a nice tying goal against Wales.
17 Drishyam 2 (2022 film) 970,004 Ajay Devgan at promoting All The Best at the Provogue store (5) (cropped).jpg India is not good with football, but great doing movies. This Bollywood crime thriller remaking a Malayalam picture is currently picking up the crore.
18 Brazil national football team 913,195 07 07 2019 Final da Copa América 2019 (48226559171) (cropped).jpg The "country of football" is the only one who won #2 five times, and always enters as a favorite. They started the tournament well, with Richarlison scoring twice against Serbia, even if they ended the game with two players (#25 and Danilo) injured and sidelined until the knockout rounds.
19 Deaths in 2022 912,390 Bruselas, varios 11.jpg There's no time to think 'bout the starting or the end
We'll find out, I'm told, my mother, she told me so...
20 2014 FIFA World Cup 875,952 Germany and Argentina face off in the final of the World Cup 2014 16.jpg #18 were hosts, and ended their tournament in an outright embarrassment losing 7-1 to eventual champions Germany. Brazil already laughed when the Germans followed that by falling in round 1 of #7, losing to South Korea. And #1 provided another opportunity for schadenfreude with Die Mannschaft losing to Japan!
21 George Weah 872,087 George Weah - Milan AC 1996-97.jpg #16's father, who like #6 and #12 was once chosen as footballer of the year, but unlike them never played in #2, being unable to qualify his Liberia. To compensate, Weah became the country's president!
22 2030 FIFA World Cup 868,898 Balls from the 1930 World Cup final.jpg The centennial edition of #2. If FIFA has some sense left, they need to bring it back to the first hosts, Uruguay (who are sharing their candidacy with neighbors Argentina, Paraguay and Chile because, again, the thing will bloat to 48 teams).
23 Thanksgiving 812,544 Thanksgiving Dinner Table, Broward County Florida, 1971 02.jpg For the first in three years the United States could fully celebrate this holiday on the fourth week of November, along with blowing their money the following day, with less fear of getting COVID.
24 2010 FIFA World Cup 752,617 Slovenia - USA at FIFA World Cup 2010, after end (3).jpg #1's goalless moments are reminding of the worst moments of the first African World Cup, which was also filled with draws (including like this year USA-England, though 2010 had this hilarious howler). And thank the deity of your choice that the vuvuzela never caught on.
25 Neymar 702,712 Neymar cropped image.png Keeping off #14's team is the star player of #18, who plays with friend #12 in Paris St. Germain, and after being hunted down by the Serbians left the game with a sprained ankle that will keep him away from the next two games (a moment sadly cheered by some of Neymar's own given he supported a sore loser who is thankfully leaving the presidency and being put in his place).

Top Gainers

1 Narendra Modi 22.09%
2 Amit Shah 9.67%
3 Aditya Birla Group 8.69%
4 3i Infotech Ltd 6.21%
5 Google 5.4%
6 Smriti Zubin Irani 4.78%

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