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1 Project 2025 2,749,345 Project 2025, in simple terms, is the Heritage Foundation/Donald Trump's plan to grab all power for themselves if Trump wins the presidency. An uptick in views is probably due to the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, but that's for next week.
2 Lamine Yamal 2,317,989 A few days before his 17th birthday, this Spanish right winger scored the first goal during #5's semifinal against France, breaking the record for youngest goalscorer by more than a year. Unsurprisingly, after the final he was chosen as Young Player of the Tournament.
3 Kalki 2898 AD 1,694,297 Tollywood science fiction! It's the most expensive Indian film ever, and it's already the 7th highest grossing Indian movie and is still being screened in theaters. Reception has been lukewarm.
4 Shelley Duvall 1,595,838 Actress Shelley Duvall broke out in the 1970s with Robert Altman-directed flicks like McCabe & Mrs. Miller and Nashville, had a supporting role in Annie Hall, and saw her two most famous roles in 1980, Olive Oyl in another Altman production, Popeye, and tormented wife Wendy Torrance in The Shining, while spending the rest of the decade creating renowed children's programming like Faerie Tale Theatre. Duvall took an extended hiatus from acting and public life in 2002 before doing an independent film, The Forest Hills, twenty years later, and has now died at the age of 75.
5 UEFA Euro 2024 1,117,556 The week covered by this report had the tournament semifinals, both of whom were 2-1 comebacks, and while Spain pulled the goals against France in the first half, England only beat the Netherlands in the very last minute. The decision in Munich would determine if Spain would become the European Championship's biggest champion or England would finally break it through just four years after being defeated at home. (spoiler alert: it was the first)
6 Jasmine Paolini 1,097,302 After losing the French Open final, this Italian tennis player remained strong in the following Grand Slam, reaching the Wimbledon final... which was another defeat, this time to Barbora Krej?íková (#13). At least Paolini will remain in the WTA rankings top 10, and have great expectations for the Olympic tournament.
7 2024 French legislative election 999,551 Emmanuel Macron suddenly dissolved and called a snap election for the National Assembly after the far-right National Rally made significant gains. The election resulted in the New Popular Front having 31.1% of the seats and still having the most seats out of any party. This is likely to result in a political deadlock; a Prime Minister hasn't even been chosen yet.
8 Deaths in 2024 991,546 I reach to the sky
And call on your name
And if I could trade, I would...
9 Longlegs 909,831 Kim Newman wrote a few years ago that "The meaning of 'Starring Bruce Willis' has shifted from promise to threat in the last few years. But with "Starring Nicolas Cage", you've still got one in four odds of something extraordinary." Apparently such is the case with Longlegs, where Cage plays an occultist serial killer pursued by FBI agent Maika Monroe. Along with great reviews, Longlegs greatly exceeded expectations for its opening weekend earnings, making $22 million to finish second between two big animations (Despicable Me 4 and #22) while costing less than $10 million.
10 House of the Dragon 893,228 The Wikipedia page of the prequel to Game of Thrones continues to be viewed, presumably because of people constantly recommending it to their friends and them having to look up what they're talking about. I'm looking at you, John.
11 Keir Starmer 883,323 Assuming the office of UK Prime Minister on July 5, Starmer has promised change for that country, laying out plans outlined in a manifesto released in June, which reads better and seemingly accepted more than #1 is in the U.S., should its leadership change in November.
12 Ollie Watkins 855,821 This Aston Villa striker entered England's semifinal with the Netherlands in the game's final minutes, and right before injury time hit a precise kick to guarantee the Three Lions's spot in #5's final.
13 Barbora Krej?íková 753,181 From English football to tennis in England, two females who exceeded at Wimbledon. First, the tournament champion, a Czech who is the only active player alongside Venus Williams to win Grand Slams in singles, doubles (her most successful discipline, a downright Career Super Slam alongside Kate?ina Siniaková) and mixed doubles. Then, an underdog story comparable to Emma Raducanu, being another player with a multicultural background (Chinese mother and Croatian father) born in one country and raised in another (albeit this year she shifted from the Switzerland where she grew up to the New Zealand of her birth certificate) who reached the Wimbledon fourth round out of nowhere, and adequatedly it was against Raducanu herself, resurging after years of injuries and bad results! Ms. Sun then beat Raducanu in front of her home crowd (also guaranteeing Emma was the first off this list at #26) before the quarterfinals where Donna Veki? ended her Cinderella campaign.
14 Lulu Sun 747,656
15 UEFA European Championship 725,224 #5 was the latest edition. The finalists were the two who also had a single FIFA World Cup title, along with one defeat in the continental tournament (albeit Spain had three titles to compensate the 1984 final they lost, in contrast to England having only a painful defeat in the penalties at home in the last edition).
16 Gladiator II 666,040 No one asked for this sequel. Specially if it was the batshit insane script written by Nick Cave (pictured), featuring Maximus fighting his way out of the afterlife. But Ridley Scott returned to Ancient Rome, with another story of a man captured, turned into a slave and then a gladiator, and has just released a trailer showing Paul Mescal as Lucius Verus (who in the first movie was only a child - his on-screen mom Connie Nielsen is one of two actors returning for part II) and two big supporting actors in Pedro Pascal and Denzel Washington. Even if the sword and sandals epic had a rap song in its preview, it certainly showed some promise, to be answered when Gladiator II hits theaters in November.
17 Srikanth Bolla 661,880 A Bollywood biopic about the first visually-impaired MIT student and CEO of Bollant Industries was released on Netflix on July 5, with Rajkummar Rao (pictured) playing the lead character, and it managed to enter the platform's global Top 10 three days after release, despite its modest commercial success following the theatrical release.
18 2024 Copa América 655,236 The 48th edition of a South American football tournament. Argentina won after defeating Colombia 1–0. Canada earned 4th place. I don't watch sports, I don't know how this works.
19 Richard Simmons 617,845 Fitness guru Richard Simmons died at the age of 76, having grown famous in the 1970s and 1980s with gyms and aerobics videos, and having not made public appearances since 2014.
20 Mukesh Ambani 616,852 Mukesh Ambani is the chairman of Reliance Industries and, with a net worth of $123 billion, the richest man in Asia. Anant Ambani, his son, married Radhika Merchant after an extravagant display lasting months. The wedding ceremony was three days long, from 12 to 14 July, and has raised questions about India's economic inequality.
21 Indian 2 616,580 A Kollywood action flick, the sequel to the 1996 Indian, with a third film in the series shot alongside the second film is scheduled to be released in January 2025. The film released last Saturday, opened up to poor reception and negative reception although the film had the highest first day gross for a Tamil film in 2024.
22 Inside Out 2 606,222 You've got me feeling emotions! - is probably what Riley would sing to Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger, as well as the new characters Anxiety, Embarrassment, Ennui and Envy, all of which administer her thoughts and actions throughout the girl's puberty. This weekend, Despicable Me 4 beat it at the box office, but Pixar's latest drew more pageviews to appear one more time on this list. Inside Out 2 is already approaching $1.3 billion and the top 20 highest-grossing films, and should have another strong weekend given the only big releases are #9 and Fly Me to the Moon - next week will be harder, as the movie with a whirlwind of anxiety will have the competition of actual tornadoes.
23 Joe Biden 586,892 On July 11, U.S. President Biden held an hour-long press conference as a means to show he was not only capable of holding office, but also able to face Donald Trump in this year's election. This was two days before the event that will most likely be mentioned on future lists.
24 Novak Djokovic 569,368 Closing it off with more tennis. First, the Serbian dominant force who is seeking his 25th Grand Slam title in a repeat of last year's Wimbledon final against Carlos Alcaraz. And finally, a female player who won many titles between 1987 and 1999 (like compatriot #13 she won Grand Slams in all three disciplines: a Career Grand Slam in doubles, 3/4 of the Slams on mixed, and the Wimbledon singles once) and died at 49 of an ovarian cancer.
25 Jana Novotná 554,154

Top Gainers

1 Narendra Modi 22.09%
2 Amit Shah 9.67%
3 Aditya Birla Group 8.69%
4 3i Infotech Ltd 6.21%
5 Google 5.4%
6 Smriti Zubin Irani 4.78%

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