Share of Voice

Share of Voice

CheckBrand measures the Brand’s share of voice in the market as compared to other brands in the same industry. Share of voice can be understood by the following formula:

  • Understand Market Challenges
  • Accurate Consumer Insights
  • Enhances Brand Awareness
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What You Can Measure with Share of Voice

(PPC) keywords
Where your ads should appear
no. of times content displayed
people who see your content
Earnings on social media
No. of times brand name mentioned
to mark a keyword or topic

Distinct Usage of SOV

Checkbrand Automation Check measures brand awareness and customer engagement to show you how you stack up against the competition

  • Social media share of voiceConsumer conversations and impressions across various social platforms relate to social share of voice. Through social media listening, our tools will help visualize the share of voice data.
  • PPC share of voicePPC share of voice measures the viewability of your ad by comparing the potential number of times the ad could have been shown to the actual number of impressions.
  • SEO share of voiceComparing your search visibility for important keywords with your competition
  • Media share of voiceOur tools help measure media share of voice by noticing and identifying your brand's presence on news sites and blogs.
Why measure Share of Voice

Share of voice is a marketing metric that grants you to compare brand awareness on different marketing channels against your competitors. You can use this metric to measure how well your ads, social media mentions, or even website traffic compare to the competition.

Measuring your brand's share of voice helps you see the bigger picture about your brand. When your brand knows its SOV, it will better understand the challenges and your current position in the market, giving you better insight into how to grow and engage users.

Calculating the share of voice should assist in comprehending which channels need your attention the most and how you stack up against competitors. Now, let's see the pros of measuring the share of voice.


Benefits of Share of Voice Measurement

Audience Insights
Social Share of Voice metrics gains insights from authentic conversations happening on social media. CheckBrand's social listening tools are one way to get these insights from customer conversations.
Competitive Analysis
Share of Voice helps in broader competitive analysis, helping to get a big picture of how the market is competitive and whether you are an up-and-comer or a dominant player in the industry.
Brand Management
Share of voice data shows you the number of conversations, reach and impressions around your brand, ultimately allowing you to track your brand reputation and benchmark it across different digital media platforms.
Marketing Campaigns
Share of voice evaluates the success of your marketing campaigns across different digital media platforms. It helps you determine whether you have made gains through your marketing campaign or not.
Customer Engagement
Through Share of voice, you can draw insights from your consumer's sentiments to align your content with consumer preferences and show consumers that you are listening.

CheckBrand is the only platform to track your digital ranking, digital presence, and social media presence along with detailed analytics reports by which you can measure all the parameters of a digital domain.