Real Time Media Monitoring

What is Real-Time Media Monitoring?

Real-time media monitoring is the process of collecting and storing performance metrics for data as it traverses your network. It involves querying and streaming data from infrastructure devices to know how your networks, applications, and services are performing.


How does real-time media monitoring work?

Real-time monitoring relays the active and on-going status of your brand. We at CheckBrand, take our data from online news, print media news, social media platforms, blogs etc. in order to analyse the data for the brand.

Why do we do real-time monitoring?

Real-time monitoring is needed as it ups the ante by providing a continuous low-latency stream of relevant and current data from which administrators can immediately identify serious issues. Alerts can be more quickly routed to appropriate departments -- or even to automated systems -- for mitigation.


Be where your audience really is

Social media monitoring allows you to identify in which channels your target audience interacts. This information allows you to direct your communication, sales, and customer service efforts and optimize resources. In addition, when you know your audience's preferences on social channels, you also have additional data to design or refine your profile. Technology usage, network usage time, and demographic profile are key elements for designing marketing strategies.


Answer at the right time

Real-time monitoring of social networks accelerates the process of identifying threats and opportunities. Comments about your brand or competitor or a social movement affecting your market can be found before they go viral.


Identify threats and opportunities

Real-time social media monitoring speeds up the process of identifying threats and opportunities. Comments about your brand or a competitor’s, or a social movement that impacts your market can be located before they go viral.


Have an agile and proactive social listening strategy

Social Listening is a less dynamic process, but critical to turning information into valuable data for competitive intelligence actions. It is necessary to delve into interactions and mentions to assess market trends, identify risks and long-term opportunities, brand or product and service threats, etc.


What are the Benefits of real-time media monitoring?

How can one guarantee that these all-important, instant reactions will protect your brand reputation? The answer is to have eyes and ears everywhere. The brand needs to know who is talking about them and what they are saying – every second of the day. And that, of course, is where real-time media monitoring comes in and is so essential.


Mentions mean when a brand is referenced or is highlighted on the web. Further, it helps in analysing the brand monitoring, social listening and reputation management for the brands. Referring exclusively to social media, mentions can also describe anytime an online publication that uses a brand name. Mentions are an informative metric to help online businesses gauge how is the perception and visibility of the brand. Brand Mentions is an indispensable tool for measuring the success of our marketing campaigns.


CheckBrand is the only platform to track your digital ranking, digital presence, and social media presence along with detailed analytics reports by which you can measure all the parameters of a digital domain.