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by Ankush Rana

Top 50 Most Impactful Influencers in India

Influencers are those group of persons like a business entity, who leave astonishing mark of their successes. A track record of crossing all the barriers and reaching a pinnacle in their particular field of study or work. Here we bring you a list of the top 20 most impactful Business Influencers in India, based on various parameters viz. Brand Value, Trends, and Social Mentions. The report is drafted after a critical analysis of how various brands including business entities and businessmen have been performing relative to public sentiments and their business growth. The list has been segregated from thousands of considerations and deep root calculations by Checkbrand’s Advanced AI technology based on machine learning tools. 

The report captures various organizations and business leaders based on their brand’s online presence, social media ranking, and social public sentiments, keep sentiment monitoring as one of the most vital aspects for ranking.


In the new and growing Era of internet and digital marketing, the presence of social media platforms is turning heads and its mark is important not just for celebs or politicians but for businesses and influencers too. Therefore, presenting you with the below rank-wise list of India’s most impactful Brands and Influencers for the year 2020. 


1. Samsung


Samsung is South Korean Multinational Conglomerate Company headquartered in Samsung town, Seoul. Comprising of various business entities all under the umbrella of Brand Samsung, the company owns the position of highest ranked brand influencer by CheckBrand.

Samsung holds a humongous score of over 160 Million likes on Facebook setting more than 2 thousand trends and also holds over 2.5 Million followers on microblogging social website Twitter. The brand performed well under social sentiment analysis by CheckBrand, owning over 21.3 Positive Sentiment, 16 percent negative, and 62.7 percent of neutral sentiments. Samsung does extremely good at social engagement by keeping an engagement of over 13,000 out of 19.7 thousand mentions, forming an engagement to mentions ratio of above 65 percent. As per the Checkbrand analysis report, Samsung holds a whopping brand value of 336 Cr INR with Checkbrand’s brandscore of 31.43.


2. Nike


With the motto of “just do it”, Nike stands at position two under the Checkbrand’s list of top influencers in India. Nike is largely known as a shoe maker brand that hails from Oregon, United States of America. Nike apart from footwear, is also indulged into businesses of merchandise & apparels, equipments, accessories, and services worldwide.

Nike holds a score of over 34.5 million likes and followers on Facebook setting more than 1800 trends and also holds a massive following of 8.3 million on the Twitter. Similarly, for Youtube and Instagram presence, the brand holds 1.5 and 122 Million respectively.

Nike performed well under CheckBrand’s social media sentiment analysis, scoring above 23 percent positive, 16 percent negative and above 60 percent neutral crowd sentiments.

Nike does extremely great at social media engagement with customers, keeping an engagement of over 50,000 with respect to 29,000 mentions, computing an engagement to mentions ratio of above 172 percent. As per the Check Brand’s analysis report, Nike holds a brand value of 335 Cr INR with a CheckBrand’s brandscore of 30.75.


3. Asus


With the motto of “In Search of Incredible”, Asus has marked incredible wonders in the field of electronics, science and technology. Asus aka AsusTek Computer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. The company is manufacture of computers and phone hardware and other electronics. In the list of top influencers in India, the Taiwanese company stands at 3rd position with following checkbrand report analysis.

Asus holds a score of over 26.5 million likes and followers on Facebook setting more than 1800 trends and also holds a massive following of 7.8 Lakhs on the Twitter. Similarly, for Youtube and Instagram presence, the brand holds 5 and 23 Lakhs of followers respectively.

Asus performed well under CheckBrand’s social media sentiment analysis, scoring above 42 percent positive, 6.5 percent negative and above 50 percent neutral crowd sentiments.

Asus does extremely great at social media engagement with customers, keeping an engagement of over 42,000 with respect to 31,000 mentions, computing an engagement to mentions ratio of above 135 percent. As per the Check Brand’s analysis report, Asus holds a brand value of 60 Cr INR with a CheckBrand’s brandscore of 24.54



4. Dell

Dell is an American multinational computer technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services. The brand stands at fourth position under the listing of CheckBrand’s top influencers in India.


Dell holds a score of over 12.7 million likes and followers on Facebook setting more than 2300 trends and also holds a massive following of 7.4 Lakhs on the Twitter. Similarly, for Youtube and Instagram presence, the brand holds 1.8 and 90 Lakhs followers respectively.

Dell performed well under CheckBrand’s social media sentiment analysis, scoring above 46 percent positive, 16 percent negative and above 37 percent neutral crowd sentiments.

Dell while coming at social media engagement with customers, keeping an engagement of over 2800 with respect to 11000 mentions, computing an engagement to mentions ratio of above 25 percent. As per the Check Brand’s analysis report, Dell holds a brand value of 45 Cr INR with a CheckBrand’s brandscore of 27.7.



5. Tech Mahindra


The Indian Multinational Company provides out sourcing services in the fields of information technology and business processes. It is subsiadary of Mahindra Group, the company is headquarted in the city of Pune, Maharashtra while it has registered office in Mumbai.

Chander Prakash Gurnani aka C. P. Gurnani is the CEO & Managing Director of Tech Mahindra. Among the list of top influencers in India, Tech Mahindra stands at fifth position in comparison to other influential brands in the country.

The company holds an impressive following of 133,000 on the Twitter. The tech company performed well under CheckBrand’s social media sentiment analysis, scoring above 52 percent positive and above 47 percent neutral crowd sentiments. As per the Check Brand’s analysis report, Tech Mahindra holds a brand value of 26 Lakhs INR with a CheckBrand’s brandscore of 20.82.



6. Mindtree Limited

Mindtree Limited is an Indian multinational information technology and outsourcing company headquartered in Bangalore, India and New Jersey, USA. It is part of the Larsen & Toubro group. Founded in 1999, the company employs approximately 21,991 employees with an annual revenue of ₹7839.9 crore (US$1.1 billion).


Mindtree holds a score of over 51 thousands likes and followers on Facebook and also holds a massive following of 82 thousands on the Twitter. Similarly, for its Youtube presence, the brand holds just above 5000 followers.

Mindtree performed well under CheckBrand’s social media sentiment analysis, scoring above 47 percent positive and above 52 percent neutral crowd sentiments. As per the Check Brand’s analysis report, Mindtree holds a brand value of 29 Lakhs INR with a CheckBrand’s brandscore of 20.19.


7. Adobe Inc.

Adobe Inc,, Standing at 7th position of Checkbrand’s list of top influencers in India, it’s a US multinational software company, headquartered in San Jose, California. The company has a prime focus on digital creation of multimedia and creativity software products, recently into the fields of digital marketing softwares.

Adobe holds a score of over 1.3 million likes and followers on Facebook setting more than 2000 trends and also holds a massive following of 6.8 Lakhs on the Twitter. Similarly, for Youtube and Instagram presence, the brand holds 9.5 and 11 Lakh followers respectively.

Adobe performed well under CheckBrand’s social media sentiment analysis, scoring above 34 percent positive, 13 percent negative and above 52 percent neutral crowd sentiments.

Adobe does extremely great at social media engagement with customers, keeping an engagement of over 20,000 with respect to 14,000 mentions, computing an engagement to mentions ratio of above 142 percent. As per the Check Brand’s analysis report, Adobe holds a brand value of 8.15 Cr INR with a CheckBrand’s brandscore of 17.43.



8. SAP

SAP is a German Multinational Software Company that develops business entity software which help companies in managing business operations and customer relations. SAP is majorly known for its ERP software and it is also the largest non-American European company in terms of revenue and also the third largest listed software company in the world.

SAP holds a score of over 11 Lakhs likes and followers on Facebook setting more than 2000 trends and also holds a massive following of 2.7 Lakhs on the Twitter. Similarly, for Youtube and Instagram presence, the brand holds 76 and 150 thousands followers respectively.

SAP performed well under CheckBrand’s social media sentiment analysis, scoring above 39 percent positive, 16 percent negative and above 43 percent neutral crowd sentiments.

SAP’s performance on social media engagement with customers, keeping an engagement of over 2000 with respect to 8000 mentions, computing an engagement to mentions ratio of above 25 percent. As per the Check Brand’s analysis report, SAP holds a brand value of 3.31 Cr INR with a CheckBrand’s brandscore of 16.87.


9. Micron Technology


The Micron Technology, is a US based manufacturer of compute memory and data storage units including RAM (Random Access Memory), USB flash drives and flash memory. The Company is headquartered in Idaho, USA.

Micron holds a score of over 2700 likes and followers on Facebook setting more than 1000 trends and also holds a good following of 20,000 on the Twitter. Similarly, for Youtube presence, the brand holds 9000 followers respectively.

The Brand performed well under CheckBrand’s social media sentiment analysis, scoring above 40 percent positive, 6 percent negative and above 53 percent neutral crowd sentiments. As per the Check Brand’s analysis report, Micron holds a brand value of 6.6 Lakh INR with a CheckBrand’s brandscore of 16.5.


10. Google


Google is one of the world’s largest information technology company and its products are used by Billions worldwide. Google lists in the USA’s Big Four Technological Businesses alongside Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. Google runs with a mission of making world’s information universally accessible to every being.

Google holds a score of over 27 million likes and followers on Facebook setting more than 1500 trends and also holds a massive following of 22 million on the Twitter. Similarly, for Youtube and Instagram presence, the brand holds 9.4 and 12.3 Million followers respectively.

Google performance under CheckBrand’s social media sentiment analysis, scoring above 10 percent positive, 28 percent negative and above 61 percent neutral crowd sentiments.

Google does extremely great at social media engagement with customers, keeping an engagement of over 78000 with respect to 63000 mentions, computing an engagement to mentions ratio of above 123 percent. As per the Check Brand’s analysis report, Google holds a brand value of 144 Cr INR with a CheckBrand’s brandscore of 15.76.



The other brands in the list of CheckBrand’s most impactful influencers in India compile as Adidas with a brandvalue of 125 Cr and CheckBrand’s score of 15.76 percent, followed by Wipro Limited at a brandvalue of 3.89 Cr and with score of 15.56 percent. Nvidea bags a brandvalue of 13.54 Cr with brand score of 14 percent, closely followed by Nikesh Arora being second individual influencer in the list with a brand value of 11 Lakhs and scoring a little above 13 percent of brandscore. The last six influencers in the list comprising top influencers in India are as Apple ( Brand Value 113 Cr, Brand Score 13.23 %), L&T Infotech (41 Lakhs, 13.21%), AMD (7.9 Cr, 12.54%), Mahindra Group (5 Cr, 10.8%), Microsoft (53 Cr, 10.44%), and Deloitte (4.4 Cr, 10.06%).

At 21st we have Satya Narayana Nadella who is an Indian-American business executive. He is the chief executive officer of Microsoft, succeeding Steve Ballmer in 2014. He holds a brand value of 4.7 Cr. with a Checkbrand’s Brand-score of 9.88. Following Satya, we have a chipset manufacturer Qualcomm India that holds a brand value of 6.33 Cr. and comes with a brand score of 9.44. Below a table representing all the influencers following the above mentioned, in descending order of their brand-score by Checkbrand’s advanced analytical tools.


CheckBrand Ranking


Brand Value(Cr.)

Brand Score(%)


Aditya Birla Group




Mukesh Ambani




Barkha Dutt




Reliance Industries




Rajdeep Sardesai




Anand Mahindra




Sweta Singh




Rajat Sharma




Sudhir Chaudhary




Azim Premji




Vinod Dua




Anjana Om Kashyap




HCL Technologies




Reliance Communications




Sundar Pichai




Kalyan Krishnamurthy

1.54 (Lac)



Madhu Trehan

44.31 (Lacs)







Shekhar Gupta




Punya Prasun Bajpai




Suni Bharti Mittal




Ravish Kumar




Hp India




Inspirisys Solutions Ltd

13.480 (Thousands)



Mphasis Limited

5.02 (Lacs)



Infosys Limited




Mahindra Lifespaces

46.52 (Lacs)



Nidhi Razdan




The CheckBrand’s evaluation is purely based on a product or influencer’s Digital Market ranking and does not depend on an individual’s wealth or net-worth. The AI tools are designed to map the individual’s image and its influence on social media and the rest of digital market. CheckBrand is the only platform to track your digital ranking, digital presence, social media presence along with detailed analytics reports by which you can measure all the parameters of a digital domain.

For more such informative articles, do check the blog-post section on Checkbrand.online. You are just a few clicks away from being updated about What’s Trending in real-time.

January 12, 2021



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