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SEO Content Writing vs. SEO Copywriting: Is There a Difference?

Both the Copywriter and the Content Writer write, but they do not write the same, nor do they have the same audience, nor are their objectives the same.

Once the bases have been established, I am going to break you down as a summary, what each thing is, on which sectors they act, and above all, what differentiates them.

What is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is an expert in Copywriting...

a copywriter is known as a person in charge of applying a writing technique, most of the time, on conversion web pages or Landing Pages, which consists of generating communication that accelerates, encourages, and facilitates the user to buy or leave information about him or her (lead).

They do this through a study of the potential user or buyer persona profile; we don't care what you want to call it, the product or service they are selling.

They are usually formed in:

  • Emotional writing
  • Neuromarketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales strategies
  • Product managers

A copywriter understands the environment in which the product is moving and generates its own language with the ability to make the user feel that he or she is empathizing with him or her from the first moment they enter the web.

What are the goals of a copywriter?

The main objective of Copywriting is the conversion through sales or leads. But since the end justifies the means, or so sometimes we want to believe, the first purpose that a copywriter sets is to generate a line of communication between the user and the web.

This technique defends the creation of a message that empathizes with the emotions that are manifested in users due to the need they have, and that makes them look for a product or service that meets their demand.

What is a content writer?

He is in charge of writing and dumping the content on the website. It is responsible for putting all the information and everything related to the quality of the texts, making sure that there are no spelling mistakes, coherence errors, and cohesion in the content.

They are in charge of writing the blog news, the SEOs' favorite to carry out the content of their niches. In addition, they also dump the images throughout the web and the entries; if necessary; they edit them and format the texts.

Their framework of action ranges from writing to content management; they need to create publication calendars to organize each of the aspects they have to write about on a website.

Content writers typically have training in:

  • Journalism
  • Philology
  • Marketing
  • Writing

You have to really like writing and communicating to be part of a writing team.

What is the purpose of a content writer?

The purpose of the content writer is to create an informative spectrum around the product, service, or brand for which they work.

Its figure has been strengthened with the latest updates from Google, in which the Alphabet giant makes it clear that it loves content and that it will do everything possible to reward all websites that have it.


So, if you think that your page has poor content, also called thin content, I recommend that you run to work on some good texts.

Do they both work in the same field?

Yes, they both work within the digital marketing sector; they are fundamental pieces of online advertising.

However, they are used for different things; the objective of the Copywriter is not the same as that of the Content Writer.

The Copywriter, who is prepared or prepared to generate texts focused on conversion.

And in the following question, I will explain why you have to know how to differentiate them:

What are the differences between copywriting and web writing?

Suppose you are hired by a marketing agency to write content and upload it to both the web and the blog. Your main goal is to get traffic, which may or may not translate into conversion.

You can put banners that link to your products, use an active language to navigate eCommerce, but you have not carried out a prior study of the type of user who is going to visit your website because you would not take care of that.

This will be done by the Copywriter, who will have carried out a study of the type of clients who demand this type of product or service. Based on this, it has created a profile of action verbs, thus configuring a communication style and a language of the sector in order to intoxicate the user.


Do you not understand it? I make it easier for you. Do you remember the simile of the center forward and the midfielder? If the objective of a football match is to score more goals than the other to win, it is the center forward who is in charge of putting the ball into the opponent's goal since his function is to score a goal.

The midfielder orders regulate, takes the reins of the game, and with it the possibility that the ball reaches the striker so that he can push it beyond the goal line.

It is very ugly for you to say that you both kick a ball, that you are both footballers, or that you are trying to score a goal. The first premises belittle, reduce and downplay the game itself, despite being true if we reduce football to a minimum.

But despite being footballers, they do very different things on the pitch. The same goes for the copywriter and content writer. They are both copywriters, they both work in the digital marketing sector, but their role, their role within a strategy, is very different from each other. And now you will come out with: “I have been writing and focusing my message on sale all my life, I have written articles and all of them trying to sell the product at the service of the client who hires me."

What you are is a crack, and you are worth gold since applying copywriting to an informative article in order to cause conversion through there is something complex and at the height of very few. For this reason, copywriters and content writers are hired separately. Each one does their job; each one is a specialist in their own, and not all have the ability to create informative content with the ability to generate conversions.

And that can be done that we do not deny that both things cannot be complemented. But they are still different, and therefore a line must be established that separates Copywriting from content writing.

October 11, 2020
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