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by Tanisha Tiwari

What is Digital Marketing and why is it important?

The Internet, the paladin of the worldly knowledges have been the greatest source of marketing in recent years. With almost every individual’s and brand’s presence on social media, it is inherently possible to count on the internet when we speak about digital marketing, social media ranking and overall digital presence.

Would you believe if we say there are 1.5 billion social media users in the world and the number keeps increasing every day. 89% of marketers ranked improving the ability to measure and analyse marketing impact as a top priority which itself states the importance of digital marketing.

While social media is an important factor describing the brand presence, today’s marketers have been focusing on targeting social media users. The social media tricks are worth adopting as we leave behind the traditional marketing techniques.

Before getting into the ‘why’ of digital marketing, let’s first know what exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the modus operandi to gain more brand followers just with some fine techniques and internet.

In simple language, digital marketing is the method of endorsing goods, services and brands with the help of websites, social media, applications, and other digital channels.


Why is digital marketing important?

Let’s start with around 48% of the consumers start their inquiries on search engines, 26% search about the brand on mobile applications and 33% go to brand websites for knowing about the ‘what, when, how’ of the brand. This sentence has a lot of numericals but the data here shows the importance of digital marketing in a crisp short manner. While everything is digital today and we have various channels to connect with, brands use these channels for the same i.e to connect with their customers.

By discovering the cross-channels interconnections and by engaging followers with advertisements, online marketing helps brands in many ways.

To be precise, here are the advantages of digital marketing:

1.       Digital marketing welcomes competitiveness

Let’s suppose you have your own business and you grow a certain amount of customers using traditional marketing methods i.e brand promotion which generally includes creating billboards, using magazines, newspapers, pamphlets etc. But what options do you have when it comes to competing with your customers? You can’t be spending all your life savings in building billboards right? This is where digital marketing plays a part.

You can easily find creative and unique strategies to promote your brand on social media. You can build a great content strategy and develop social media ranking and can easily outnumber your competitors. You can follow top influencers to know about a specific brand or hire one of them for promoting your brand. Thanks to digital marketing!

2.    Digital marketing is affordable

Who doesn’t like saving bucks? This is what digital marketing does for businesses, it saves the money and helps in investing better. You can measure the overall Return on investment (ROI) once you create an ad, campaign or when you promote it on different platforms. This way it is easy to investigate which platform is beneficial and which is avoidable.

With digital marketing, you always have the option to choose which platform you should be spending on. For example-Instead of spending dollars on Facebook ads which are not generating much revenue, you can spend those dollars on a lead-generating software or whatever suits best to your business.

With better content strategies and SEO technique which definitely does not cost anything but creativity can build a strong customer base for y our brand.

Where traditional marketing asks for more investment and guarantees less returns, digital marketing ensures better grab over ROI at an affordable price.

3.    Digital marketing is the brand’s calculator

Every aspect of the brand, whether its success or failure, is defined after all the activities are measured. Digital marketing bestows a comprehensive and detailed view of every point that defines a brand. You can calculate the total number of Youtube searches, views, clicks, time spent, shares, impressions, followers, digital ranking, and every inch that matters to your brand. Everything including content performance, web traffic, social media numbers and brand value is calculated on the basis of a brand’s digital marketing capabilities.

Digital marketing helps in calculating the real time results which can further be used for predictive analysis of the completed or t0-do tasks.

Knowing the five W’s of a brand is essential and is built by strong digital marketing tactics but what if you know it just with a click? Yes, it is possible with Checkbrand! You can see who is ranking where on social media, what are the trends and what is today’s news you might have missed.

If you are into business, you must be into true digital marketing!






December 28, 2020



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