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by Ankush Rana

How to use Social Media Ranking and Sentiments to Improve Your Business

To understand the technicality of this topic in the simplest form of expression, first of all, let us break the title into two, Social Media Ranking and Social Media Sentiments, and then we’ll try to understand how a combination of two could give your business the online boost that it deserves.

Social Media Ranking is a subgroup of Social Media Marketing or you could is it is one of the processes under social media marketing. So let us know what is exactly is social media marketing.




What is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a branch of Internet marketing and it is a powerful tool for boosting your Brand Value with an extraordinary scale, could go exponential if steps and measures are taken. In simple words, your individual or your business’s good social media presence and regular engagement with the audience and trends would make your social media ranking go higher. This ultimately helps you or your business to generate and drive an enormous amount of leads to closed sales.

Even if your business is completely off the social media networks but you have a great presence in the offline market, people will still be talking about your brand over social media and if you still do not engage in conversations with them, you are missing a lot of your business’s growth.


What is Social Media Ranking?

Social media ranking is a tool that could help your business venture or if you’re an artist it could help you understand the public sentiments towards your work. The reason could be anything, but having a check on your digital ranking would always let you know “what and where to improvise”. Now you might be wondering, where to get social media ranking for your Brand or Identity online? For this you could use media monitoring tools such as CheckBrand.online where you wouldn’t be just checking your digital ranking, you get access to a plethora of tools that could help you understand top brands, various influencers, and their digital rankings, latest trends across major social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Twitter.






Why Social Media is the Best Place to listen to customers?


In this fast-moving world, people do not have either of time and patience. Your brand could be judged within the first few seconds of your billboard hoarding or television or newspaper advertisements. These conventional modes of Brand Promotion do not give you the leverage of customer feedback and thus does not allow you any chance to improve your mistakes. 

Whereas on social media the fast-moving world adapts just fine and anything that customer likes or doesn’t like, they may put you through the testing of customer feedback. For Politicians, Entertainment Celebrities like actors, musicians, and sportspersons their social media presence plays a prominent role in their careers. They could win or topple it off if social media isn’t handled carefully.






Some myths about social media strategies that you should clear off

At first, let me clear a myth that has attached to social media in terms of SEO boosting. Does social media directly boost SEO? The clear answer to this is a ‘Big No’, yes you read that right. The social media platforms are not designed to directly boost your SEO ranking or rather say, the search engines like google, yahoo, and bing are not designed to dig deep into social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. It is practically not possible for search engines to go through millions of unorganized posts on social media worldwide, and if it was at the ease of a click sharing social media post then we wouldn’t be writing this article on Social Media Marketing. 


So yes, social media marketing is not ‘a piece of cake’ type task but it’s also not ‘a rocket science’ task.

So why people think that social media directly boost your SEO Ranking, probably because they misunderstand the following:


  • The hyperlinks in a social media post, send ranking signals to search engines.
  • The amount of social media mentions or enrolment of content pieces is a ranking factor.


Yes, the above plays a major role in social media marketing but not directly. Merely mentioning your content piece or adding hyperlinks to your social post will not boost your digital ranking or your brand value. It all depends on the engagement with the social media crowd and social media is nothing but like doors to your brand promotion until unless somebody doesn’t open these doors and enter your brand house (websites, actual office, or other social media channels), it isn’t useful for your business growth.





Understanding social media sentiments

Let’s start with an example of Dominos Pizzas, a famous chain of pizza makers and distributors across India and worldwide. Recently, the brand came up with advertisements saying “we heard your complaints and now the crust of pizzas will be much softer than before” and they did make their pizza crusts softer. How did this happen? This happened because Dominos restaurants kept a close eye on public sentiment on social media channels in regards to their Pizza’s feedback. The same happened with Mcdonald’s restaurants when customers demanded more number of sauce packets with the burgers.


People might be trending your brand name on social media or must be talking about your products, all this boosting your social media presence, but this does not mean it is all for good. The social media buzz could also be full of negative remarks by customers. That is why understanding the sentiment of the public on social media is critically important. A negative surge of feedbacks if highlighted and rectified on time could save your business from major losses.


This comes with a requirement of a good social media sentiment analysis. The major aspect of conducting a social media sentiment analysis is to collect data. This will help you to make your process easier and much more accurate. Now to get this data or to understand public mood you need to respond to your social media posts and also keep an eye on all that’s trending across the internet, you could use the AI-equipped search tool by checkbrand.online to help you understand the trends and ultimately save you huge search time, so that you could just focus on improvising your brand value.


For more such informative articles, do check the blog-post section on Checkbrand.online. You are just a few clicks away from being updated about What’s Trending in real-time.

January 13, 2021



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