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Top French Institution Prohibited Students from Using the AI Tool ‘Chatbot’, the tool received 30.7% Positive Sentiments: CheckBrand

The decision comes after when that ChatGPT had passed exams at a US law school this week.

The bot from Open AI, a US firm that received a large capital inclusion from Microsoft this week, reacts to basic commands with reams of prose inspired by internet data.

The Sciences Po School in Paris, one of the most prominent colleges in France, stated anybody discovered to have used the Chatbot would face "sanctions which can go as far as expulsion from the institution belonging to even higher learning".

CheckBrand assessed the impact of Chatbot on digital audiences as soon as it was highlighted in the media. CheckBrand evaluated that the news associated with Chatbot garnered 317.5K digital engagements. The AI tool received 30.7% positive sentiments, 15.3% negative sentiments and 54% neutral sentiments with a total search engine score of 7756.

*Sources Google Trend

"The usage of ChatGPT or any other AI-based tool at Sciences Po is... for the time being totally banned for students creating written or spoken projects," the university stated.

Its "educational usage under the supervision of a teacher" was the only exemption, it stated in an open letter to students and lecturers, raising worries about other applications leading to plagiarism.

The decision comes after it was revealed this week that ChatGPT had passed tests at a law school in the United States after composing essays on themes ranging from constitutional law to taxes and torts.

Jonathan Choi, a professor at Minnesota University Law School, administered the same test to the bot that he did to students, and it received a C + overall, barely enough to pass.

The lecturer, on the other hand, downplayed the potential of pupils employing the bot to cheat, claiming that two out of three markers had detected the bot-written paper.

ChatGPT continues to make factual errors, while educational institutions in other nations have hastened to prohibit the AI tool.

Its usage in schools has been prohibited by officials in New York and other areas.

A group of Australian institutions has stated that they would modify test formats to exclude the use of AI technologies, which they consider to be cheating.

Many institutions currently utilise plagiarism detection tools, and at least one programmer is developing on an app that can detect when a document was created through ChatGPT.


January 28, 2023



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