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by Tanisha Tiwari

These 10 Viral Videos Proved That 2020 Was Not As Bad As We Think

Just around a week more and we will finally say goodbye to 2020!

This year has pandemic and that’s everything we could never ever has asked for but as they say ‘you don’t always get what you want’. Speaking of which, we really want 2020 to end now.

We were at home all day all year and yes we were all kinda happy about that. Speaking of being home, Dalgona coffee is not the only thing the world made this year. People across the world came up with amazingly unique videos. Here’s a tour to those that made it to the top trending viral videos of 2020.

1.Dogs take part in passtheballchallenge- The cutest dogs on the planet wakes up with the #passtheballchallenge and we are in awwwwww …..


2. Bizzare dishes- Look at this video! We bet the first word we will hear from you is ‘Yuck’!

3. Longest hair video- The girl has some six feet long hair and she broke her own previous records making it to the Guinness record this time too.

4. Leeta Powel Drake interview- This interview will make you question why you were not sitting with her. Leta Powell is indeed our favourite interviewer, we swear….

5. Quarantine with me- This boy has a song for all of us and we agree to the lyrics so so much!!!

6. A perfect post-election interview in New York with a French TV station-

7. The conservative lecturer- Boom! The lecturers answers were definitely what this student wanted.

8. Best song of the year – Why don’t you go ahead and answer this little munchkin ha???

9. The dance during polls video- The man you see dancing in this video knows our all time before mood.

10. The 2020 chart – This video has everything that 2020 was about and we are happy to see there were things more than corona….

Well on that note, we want you to watch these videos and pray that 2020 should be the last despair we all have!

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December 24, 2020



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