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Vice Journalist Barred, His Documentary Depicted India Negatively: Centre to Delhi High Court, CheckBrand Assessed Its Digital Engagement; 5.3K

The statement was presented before Justice Prathiba Singh's single-judge bench, which was hearing Singh's appeal against the Centre's rejection to allow him to enter India.

On Friday, the federal government informed the Delhi High Court that it will seek advice on whether a show-cause notice was issued or proceedings were initiated against VICE journalist Angad Singh for the cancellation of his OCI card (Overseas Citizen of India).

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The statement was presented before Justice Prathiba Singh's single-judge bench, which was hearing Singh's appeal against the Centre's rejection to allow him to enter India. Singh, who worked on VICE's 2020 documentary India Burning, was deported back to the United States in August of last year.

Rescheduling Of the Case Proceedings

Appearing on behalf of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, attorney Anurag Ahluwalia requested time to record instructions from the Ministry of External Affairs and asked whether "any show cause notice or other procedures had been launched" against Singh for revocation of the OCI card. "Let instructions be placed by affidavit within two weeks," the court stated, scheduling the case for February 28.

"He is a journalist working for VICE news and had requested permission to film in India in January 2020 for Republic Day festivities as well as other events in India," the HC remarked. On January 14, 2020, the consulate general of India in New York awarded him a permit — a NOC — for making a documentary in March 2020. However, because he could not travel right away, he requested for a second permit, which he received on January 30, 2020. The NOCs issued were both subject to specific terms and limitations."

Overseas Citizen of India and Permissions granted to Singh

It was noticed that Singh filed for a special permit to enter India again in 2021 to cover a rocket launch and conduct interviews. Sukumar stated that her client received no answer to the aforementioned application. Singh filed for food show permission again in September-October 2021, but this time it was denied with a one-line refusal, according to the court.

Following that, the court observed that Singh wished to travel to India for a personal visit in August 2022 since he has roots and family there. He also desired to tour religious sites around the country. "However, upon arriving in India on August 23, 2022, he was denied entry and deported," the HC stated.

Sukumar argued that the provisions of the Citizenship Act for OCI cards make it apparent that, with the exception of specific privileges stated in 7B (2) of the Act, OCI card holders have all the rights granted by the Indian Constitution.

She said that under Section 7D, OCI cards cannot be cancelled for any reason other than those specified. She relied on a provision in the section that states that an OCI cardholder must be given a fair opportunity to be heard before an order to revoke his or her card is issued.

As for the affidavit, Singh had "misrepresented facts in the visa application for acquiring a journalistic visa in 2020 and had published a documentary named India Burning which characterised India in an unfavourable manner".



January 28, 2023



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